The Company

A recent story, a true passion


The idea of Trip’N’Trends is simple: to allow a traveler to find all the necessary information about his/her trip around Europe in one place – accommodation (apartment, house), events to follow/attend, places to visit, practical tips.  

This idea was born out of a one person’s passion for travel, her own experience in organizing travel, and the experience of dealing with various sites: booking, tourist offices, forums. 

The idea has matured. It has been transformed into a real project thanks to a motivated and supporting team, always positive and creative. 


Today, Trip’N’Trends takes its first steps after many long months of hard work with a limited offer that we hope to expand very quickly. 

For our launch, we offer a few cities in 3 countries – Bulgaria, France, and Malta.

As and when we introduce new destinations, we will communicate this information to you. 




At Trip’N’Trends we have a great ambition: to establish a privileged and a quality relationship with both our customers: the travelers and with our partners: the renters. 

Regarding our customers, our objective is to make the journey’s preparation as simple as possible : to provide all necessary information in one place, here on the Trip’N’Trends platform. Meke their experience complete and unforgettable. 

As for our rental partners (owners or agencies), we strive to position ourselves on an equal footing as we believe that this is essential for a future mutual success. 

Providing quality service while remaining close to our customers and partners, the challenge is important. Let’s stay on course. 


Legal information :



Registered Address : 1137 Chemin de Peyniblou

06560 Valbonne (FRANCE)

Commerce and Trade Register (RCS) : 812 516 557

European VAT N° : FR17 812 516 557

N° CNIL (FRANCE) : 189 12 40 v 0